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Bach Flower Essences

For years I have recommended certain Bach Flower Essences for a pet’s emotions. Please review the list below for the appropriate remedy for your pet.

Please use this link to shop for your Bach Flower Essences. 5% of your purchase will go to me and my animals. If you purchase elsewhere, I will not get credit. Thanks!

Essential Oils from DoTerra

DO NOT spray directly at your pet! Spray high above them or in the room in the other direction from your pet. Please use the links to purchase the following Essential Oils.

I rub this on my skin and the area of my body with pain. I suffer from sciatica down my side and my back always has pain.

Lemon juice eats the enamel on my teeth. Lemon oil does not. If you put a drop of this lemon oil on styrofoam, it will eat a hole through it in about a minute. That’s what it does in my body. It eats petroleum and toxins stuck in my fat cells. Anytime my food touches plastic or is served in a plastic cup or is wrapped in plastic, it absorbs these plastics. One fragrant drop of oil in my 16 ounce of water pulls that out of my body.

I put 5 drops of this in a 6 ounce spray bottle. My kitty, Sparkle, is elderly on her last phase of life. She is getting ready to depart. She no longer has control of her peeing. The room in which she sleeps smells INTENSE, even though I change the towels and pee pads several times a day. Also, my sense of smell is keen. I sprayed Purify mixed with water in the room and I was amazed. There was no smell! I have been using every spray and pet odor remover for years. I noticed that the Purify lasted 4-5 hours and I had to re-spray. Now, I am putting the Purify in a diffuser and leaving it in the room. I am so relieved.

When I go out to the grocery store, I spray myself, my clothes, my bags, my car, my hair. This sanitizes me and all the surfaces it touches for 4 days. So if anyone coughs on me or breathes near me, I am protected. I started using OnGuard after I had to go to the doctor in March for a blood test. I got very very sick from the waiting room in the doctor’s office. I must have caught something from being in that room. It was not Covid. However, since then, I use the OnGuard, I spray it in the room where my pets are. They don’t seem to mind. And I haven’t caught any colds or illnesses from going out and sometimes having to interact with grocery store checkers. My other illnesses still bother me from time to time, but at least I don’t have to worry about catching viruses, which I’m very sensitive to and I know that—which is why I need this natural sanitizer with me all the time.

I put this in my diffuser. It calms me. Many of us are going through fear and anxiety during this time, especially around finances.

For most of my life, and I’m in my 70s now, I have had asthma and lung issues. I do have an inhaler prescribed to me by a doctor and have in the past taken steroids and also had an oxygen tank for a few years. Well, my breathing problems came up again a couple years ago and I went into another panic. Dora, my client, brought me the Breathe blend of essential oils. I put a few drops in my palm and then put my palms over my nose and inhaled. Ahh. It was so nice. It felt like oxygen went into my head and into my lungs. I relaxed. I use this all the time, now.

Includes Terra Shield & Peppermint.

For more information please contact my assistant for all things doTERRA, Michele Culbertson at and at (949) 290-5626.

Anxiety Reliefn ~ For that nervous gut regarding some fear they have.

Joint Stress ~ For joint pain.

Digestive Upsets ~ Helps the digestive system when they’re stressed.

Fireworks ~ For the fear of Fourth of July fireworks.

Storm Stress ~ For any kind of extreme weather.

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