90-Minute Private Session


This extensive session entails one hour “visually interacting” with your animal companion to establish the cause and effect of a troubling issue. Visual imaging to help the animal heal its trauma and understand what they can do in their behavior to create a new outcome. The last 30 minutes is spent with the owner regarding the information obtained.

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At the root of every problem is a causal factor that masks some type of fear. The physical response your animal is expressing is his/her outward display of a decision they made to feel safe. By feeling their imprinted memory of the original situation, the root cause which created their fear or bad behavior, I help the animal become free of that fear or trauma. The last step engages both owner and animal creating a new interacting with each other.

Example: You tell me your dog doesn’t want to jump into the car. He cowers, shakes, or pees just seeing the open car door. Not getting into the car is your dog’s decision to feel safe. What I do is this: I will “see” in my mind, over and over, him jumping into the car. This unpleasant “visual action” makes your dog nervous; his emotion will surface and I will get a visual and emotional glimpse into the event that caused him to feel fearful. Then my job is to give the dog an understanding why that event won’t happen again. By showing him a new physical action he can do feeling safe jumping into the car.

What is provided in the private session

  • What created the behavior/emotional problem from your animal’s perception
  • What to visualize in your mind to help him/her change the behavior
  • What to say to your animal, to supports the visual communication
  • What to emotionally emanate to your animal so they feel safe doing a new behavior
  • What your animals want to communicate about his/her environment (regardless of my focus on the issue)
  • If it’s a medical problem, I find out from him/her the location of the pain and on a scale of 1 to 10, the level of discomfort the animal is experiencing. This information can be helpful for the veterinarian.

What is required prior to a private session

  • What is the physical action the animal is doing (please be specific)?
  • How long has this behavior been occurring?
  • What you have done to fix the behavior?
  • A photo of your animal with their name, age and how long have you had him.
  • Phone number and best time of day to call for the 30-minute owner’s consultation.

Following my guidelines, you will bridge the gap in communication with your beloved animal companion and a greater understanding between each other takes place. In knowing what action you need to do, see, or say, you will experience your dog, cat, horse or other animal respond to your communication. This creates compassion and joy that emanates love.

Please note:  I do not provide a recording of our conversation. I recommend doing so on your end to assist in reinforcing your steps to help your animal make a successful change in their behavior.

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