How to Handle Aggressive Dogs


Are you having difficulty with your dog barking, biting and acting aggressively? This problem-solving session with world-famous animal communicator Samantha Khury will help you understand and find solutions for aggressive behavior in pets.

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In a live session recorded on Zoom, Samantha explains why pets have become more aggressive in recent years. In these problem-solving sessions, you’ll learn to understand aggressive behaviors and techniques to try to resolve them.

According to Samantha

In all the 40 years I’ve been working, I’ve had the most clients call recently—with cats attacking another cat—and dogs are more likely to go after their owner. I’ve had so many owners call me and say that their dogs have bitten them for the first time. In all my years, I’ve had 3 aggressive animals. In the past year, a third to half of my clients are aggressive. I notice also on TV that animals are acting aggressive.

Recent events in our world—such as the pandemic, finances, health—and stress globally is affecting our pets. The animals feel the vibes in the house, backyard, park, car and on their walk. They are inundated with energies that are effecting their nervous systems. We have to work the nervous system in ourselves and also in our animals.

These recorded problem-solving sessions are offered at a 50% discount from the live participant problem solving classes. Samantha recommends viewing these sessions to start getting answers to solving aggressive behaviors.

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