How to Change Cat Box Behavior


How do you deal with a cat that won’t use the litter box or that sprays around the house? In this problem-solving session Samantha provides several strategies to reduce and eliminate unwanted cat box behavior.

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A lot of cats spray the house. They won’t use the cat box or they don’t use it all the time. This is a common problem. Spraying is their way of protecting their home and finding their way home. And sometimes we have to think outside the cat box in our perception to solve a problem that meets their needs and meets your needs.

Cats are very determined to let you know what they need emotionally and physically, and they will do some very interesting things in order for us to change. It could be our attitude, or it could be something in the house, or it could be their health issues.

Our typical thoughts and responses usually don’t work and the problem persists. In this session, you’ll learn strategies and techniques that do work to eliminate spraying in the house.

These recorded problem-solving sessions are offered at a 50% discount from the live participant problem solving classes. Samantha recommends viewing these sessions to start getting answers to solving troubling cat spraying behaviors and litter box problems.

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