Change a Dog’s Barking Behavior


Dog barking behavior can cause a lot of problems for the dog owner. In this problem-solving session, Samantha provides several strategies to reduce and eliminate a dog’s barking.

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In a live session recorded on Zoom, Samantha explains that of all of the animal problems she’s solved over the years, barking has been high on the list of complaints. Dogs are barking in the house, barking at the window and barking at the neighbors. Many typical techniques to alter the behavior don’t work, cause pain to the animal, or make the barking worse. In these problem-solving sessions, you’ll learn to understand a dog’s barking behavior and techniques to calm your dog.

According to Samantha

The more you emanate the secure aspect from an emotional standpoint, the more they’ll pick it up. What we do is we emanate and think of their worried, their concern about the situation. And then their barking gets more and more intensity about it.

Recent events in our world—such as the pandemic, finances, health—and stress globally is affecting our pets. The animals feel the vibes in the house, backyard, park, car and on their walk. They are inundated with energies that are effecting their nervous systems. We have to work the nervous system in ourselves and also in our animals.

These recorded problem-solving sessions are offered at a 50% discount from the live participant problem solving classes. Samantha recommends viewing these sessions to start getting answers to solving troubling barking behaviors.

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