Changing Barking Behavior

Barking on a leash, pulling on a leash.


Regards to the barking (bird does it), Last 2 weeks, screaming hasn’t —— no alteration of when bird barks, noticed it being a 3—- moved to a 10—— in intensity, not in amount. 10 fold what it normally is.

Sam: Some of that is we have a global pandemic and rage. Emotional explosion on planet right now is effecting our animal companions.

Their dogs are biting out of the blue—- an explosion of that in the last year and even more in the last month. I have said to several clients— and ask if people are being aggressive when they haven’t been before. Is it energetics, something they are breathing in that effects their sensory system that makes them angry. That is the reason they made a vaccine to deal with rabies, because their personality would become attacking. How do we in our own homes, acknowledge what is going on planetary and calm ourselves down enough—- so that the animals don’t express what it unsaid and unseen in the environment?

If I go to think of terms of the beach and I’m watching the waves and feeling the peacefulness, that may be helpful.

My sense of being pressurized is being reflected by my bird.

What does it feel like to be you, Jewel (bird’s name)? Put a low sound. What tone or sound do you really love from her? Hear that in your head and pretend you are doing that. It’s as easy as when you recall her level 10 intense screech.

Can it be a noise instead of a word? Like Hiya or hello?

Sam: Pick something really easy that she uses a lot that she likes the feel of. Get into the tactile, sensory aspect.

Be the dog and watch dog go by and the dog just goes by. It’s not interested in biting me. It just goes by.

Example Juliet: Invite your friends to your house and we all visualize together. So it will be effective for dogs as well. I tell everyone to be the dog walking. Seeing all the dogs walking by. Standing firm. See your dog next to you, standing firm, not doing anything.
All 3 dogs start barking. Everyone is running back and forth and barking cuz this is really fun! This is not working.

Finally, i yell out, “Stop.” It made the people stop (not dogs).


This is what I want you to do, for all you have animals inside your house who are barking at the window.

Don’t use your voice.

join them

hear what they are hearing

dogs are spherical hearers (360 degrees).

we are selective hearers

Dogs stopped barking and turned and looked at us

They are not used to us joining them

They are not used to us hearing past the building and doing the 360 degree hearing like them

Example: your dog hears something outside. Use your voice quickly. Then give them the sound that you want. Listen, first. “I love it when you listen and do a low growl or a low bark. If you are barking up a storm, you cannot hear more information in the back. You can’t listen and bark at the same time.” Make it clear for them that they can growl and still hear spherically, at the same time.

Try to hear what they are hearing, first. Don’t scream for them to stop.

Homework for this month:

If you use the word, “I know…..” “I feel…” “I sense….” then use that.

My husband was more mental and I’m more emotional. If I shifted to be more mental, we would have common ground. For animals, it is same. What area of you is more developed and use that. Use that to create common ground with pet.
Pretend it is 5 years later. Make it “past.” Relaxedness when we fantasize the future.


2 dogs: a leader and an accomplice. Solidarity barking. Leader barks at everything that passes by. Barks at something he hears at night. The first one, doesn’t know why the second one is barking, but barks in solidarity

Sam to give her a tool

It doesn’t happen all the time. He doesn’t have to see something, just hear it—- to bark.


neighbors have puppy who barks a lot

I have 2 cats I rescued. Puppy is aggressive towards them.

Sam: we will talk about you being the dog and throw him treats, frozen bones. “I can hear him and I think I can help.” Go through or over the fence, ways to do it without offending anyone.

Sam: Pretend! Look at animal and say, “What does it feel like to be you?” Make it a game. Then

I knew what it felt like to be that dog. Most powerful tool to communicate with animals. Be great at pretending. Pretending gives you the ability to create any scenario in your mind to help that animal.

Fantasize or daydreaming it—- there is a lag time and it is difficult to see it in your mind. When you pretend, you relax and you can see it in your mind.

Arlena (Hawaii)

agitated when walking near the water

sees little kids, and barks ferociously, almost like wanting to play with them. How can i control that, so that walking on beach is a pleasant thing for both of us.

You being her on a different planet and how disturbing it is watching the ground moving with people on it? You will emanate a feeling of safety and how fun it is to watch that and keep walking. The more you emanate it from an emotional standpoint, the more effective you will be. Because we worry and the barking gets more intense.

When she sees quick movement, she barks at them. Play? guarding?

Sam: I can feel my stomach is nervous. There is a mixture there. You are going to close your eyes. Recall when you take her to beach.
pick area that is straight. Not going around anybody
feel safer if I can see people on this side and that side, but not in the middle. Not safe when

there is movement in front of me.

pick a time when not a lot of people

pretend you are her running on beach, looking at people and then come home

Put that thing about coming home

bach flower and Home Pet – anxiety relief. Put drops in water for anxiety

Arlena – you gave me whole list and I spray essential oils on her. Spray her before taking her on walk?

Sam: yes. So much stress with people. Spray in the room, but NOT at her. Spray at least once or twice a day.

Look at people and running and then running back home!
focus on running back home! Door coming inside
the end product doesn’t change her life in any way

arlena: after 20 minutes, I go back. She now knows we are walking back. She is not as anxious

Sam: phrase and visual : Home. We’ll always go home. Add the verbal and the vision.
“I love it when we run on the beach and run to the car to get home.”
feeling the sensation that she is safe. Get the sensation of safety in your body.

She’s not a water dog. She’s an alaskan kleeklaw.

sam: solid ground and open space! for the doggie. Like open space more than the beach.


Our dog (rat terrier) has always been extremely vocal whenever he gets excited. Its’ often hard to tell when the excitement crosses over to aggression. Extremely vocal whenever he sees another person or animal. Difference between excitement cross over to aggression. Biting and going crazy?

Sam: That’s part of us that is giving the vision to him that we are afraid of him doing it. Not sure what his intention is.
feel the leash
have him stand beside you
tell him “I love it when you walk beside me and look in back of me….. etc.”

Shift from : play to aggression
must be clear that on the walk, his job is to take care of you
you are pretending you are you and you are also pretending you are him
turn your head and you are him—- looking up at you and paying attention to what is in back of him.

His energy needs to be turned to you and not the other dog.

Dawn: believe she was stuck in home when owner passed away. They tolerate each other

Sam: bach flowers. Mutual respect energy. When you see the two dogs look at one another and walk by. Rat terrier is Louie and shepard mix is Osa.
“I love it when you just walk by and look at Osa.”
when doing something on the walk with them, “I love it when we just take the walk.” look at the other dog.

Vervain bach flower

Rock rose

What doesn’t work

What causes pain: spray bottle, machine to send out a frequency, shock collar
Aha! moment: a high pitched bark was hurting my ears. Where is that bark coming from? The animals try to RUN from the pain from the shock collar or the high pitched frequency machine.

No connection between sound and pain in the animal’s body.
highly effective lower frequency pitched machines—- but still cause pain and trainers use this.

All one needs to do is make it a solid unit. See it and feel it—- in relationship to the pain.

Shock collar: You have the button to control. Connect ears and action of barking/lunging AT THE SAME TIME you push the button. As soon as they make the connection, do not use the button anymore.

Animals are in the moment. We are not. One of the biggest difference between animal kingdom and us.

When you push the button, feel the pain in your throat and make the connection to the button pushing. Connect the two together.

Shock collar is a method used for control and not training. So animals get skin problems.
Different kinds of barks

Can you remember what your dog bark sounds like?

Pick a sound that you like. (when they do it low or soft, not when they do it high and loud)

Example: Dora’s doggie Diego. Growling communication. I’m giving him a vision of “listening and growling.” I keep doing it over and over. He’s not getting it! All of a sudden, Vicky growls.

Diego turns around and stares at her. Watches her. Dora starts growling. Within a few seconds, Diego the dog is growling with us (instead of barking).

Dora uses the tool everyday to remind Diego to growl instead of bark.

Dora: it works, they do learn. But my neighbor asked me how I did it. Neighbor says she feels silly doing it.

Sam: two dogs will play off each other.

Example: Chris, my son, sneaks dog to our house to help him stop barking or else he gets taken to pound. Dog shows her they have a solid high fence where the dog cannot see out. I pretend

I’m dog barking at this full fence. I gave dog a vision of parents putting a leash on him and taking him in car to pound and abandoning him and feeling of emptiness.

Then, I gave him another vision. I gave him a vision of “growling and listening” and this vision of playing with kids and having a forever happy home.

I got the worst headache ever. I knew the love for the dog by the boys was intense.

My boundaries were so crystal clear. I add the emotion to the vision.

Dog is not barking anymore.

Kids would sneak dogs to see me that started all this.

Be tactile

Dora is not visual. But she’s great on the tactile aspect!

Our whole body is an antennae. The sensory system is part of that control. That is huge clues for you. Do you use the word, “I know,” a lot? You know it is a truth when you use this phrase, “I know.” This is a skill that can be evolved to communicate with animals.

I just know the dog is going to make a change.

Don’t try to visualize it. Just go with that.

If you are a feeling person, feel where that animal is at. That is more powerful for you. So use part of yourself to visualize the dog —- going on a walk—- use the feeling! That sensory system is being developed every time you use a feeling and attach it to a scenario. I want to know more from that. I want to utilize the part of myself and the location that it comes from (hand on heart, pat yourself on your back), then the more it develops.

These communication network and antennae system—- that you are physically—— your body is—- looking at it as a whole unit. How do I give my dog information that goes beyond the vision? Once animal makes a change in their behavior, I add the vision. “I love it when you walk besides me on the leash and stop and watch the dogs go by.”

Do it completely and get the full body communication. You got a hold of the leash, feel the leash as though it is an extension of your emotions. Be calm. If you worry, you tighten up on the leash, they pick up our nervousness.

They are not getting the alternative. The alternative: utilizing emotion attached to the leash.

All of you, put your feet on floor and push. Push on the floor. Put hands on knees. Straighten back. Head up. Lean forward. I learned this from a lion at Tippy Hendrick’s house. He jumped off the platform and jumped on the ground and I felt his weight on the earth and he stretched his neck and spine out and the FEELING he was giving out was PRIDE and SAFETY, all at once. How do you emanate being courageous and being safe at the same time?

When dog is feeling courageous, they don’t have to bite, bark or lung.
Saying “courageous” or saying, “You’re safe,” they are not going to get it.

I use this technique for me, as well as animal kingdom.

The minute the fear will come up, I will emanate courageous. Instantly change fear into being courageous in my body. It’s not a word. Words don’t work. It’s a feeling in the body.

Practice! Being courageous for those that are fearful of another dog crossing the street and come at them and bite them.

Before you take the walk:

Feel sensation of courage.

put emotion in leash

Stand firm

See people and dogs walking by.

Do this in evening when your mind is quiet.

livestock guardian dogs Valley Forge, Bred for 2,000 years to bark. Breed responsible for 1-2 miles radius
see her doing 2-3 strong barks and then the low growl.

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  • On Guard spray
  • Make a room spray and spray for yourself and animals
  • rock rose (Bach Flower)
  • walnut (aggression) (Bach Flower)
  • vervain (Bach Flower)