Half-hour phone consultation: Communication with owner

A half hour consultation covers one specific behavioral problem the owner is having with their beloved animal companion. In this session my information relays what you can do to help change their undesirable behavior.

What is required prior to each consultation

  • What is the physical action the animal is doing? (Keep your written description specific)
  • How long has this behavior been occurring?
  • What have you done to fix the behavior?
  • Provide the animal’s name, age, and how long you’ve had this animal.
  • Use the Contact Page on this site to email this information and to attach a photo (.jpg preferred) of your pet.

It’s important to write down the specific physical action(s) you see your dog, cat, horse or other creature doing that indicates there is a problem. This will help in our conversation.

What is provided in consultation:

  • What to see in your mind to help him/her change the behavior.
  • What to say to him\her to support the visual communication.
  • What to emotionally emanate to him\her so they feel your connection.

These three things will help your animal understand what you want them to do.

Please note:  I do not provide a recording of our consultation. I recommend doing so on your end to assist in reinforcing your steps to help your animal make a successful change in their behavior.

Half-Hour Phone Consultation Cost: $100.00

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