Samantha Khury Class on Cats

Helen: Idea on a future class is how to adopt a rescue animal and bring them home.

Cats spray because they are afraid they are going to lose their home

Cat’s spray the house. Won’t use cat box. What’s the motivator for spraying? In nature, that is their mode for protecting their area, but also to find their way home.

We have to think in terms of, if you have another cat in the house, is that cat kneeling down? Some of it is territorial. They are spraying like they are glueing that piece of furniture to the home, because they don’t want to lose their home.

Clorox is like a place to rub on. When they rub on it, scent gland on the corner of their mouth. “I love it when I see you rub and walk, rub and walk.” Then I give them the vision to squat and pee OUTSIDE on the fence or the yard.

Rubbing and walking.

What vision do you want to create?

Walk and rub. “I want to you to walk and rub.”
Be careful! You have a back thought, which is more powerful because it holds a vision and you have lived with it.
When you pretend, put it in the past tense.

What is it like to feel safe in your body, not in your thoughts?
Emanate feeling of safety

Put in cat

Put in place when they come into the room.

“You’re my first baby. I love it when I brought you home. We have plenty of room for both of you.” I see space in my mind and my emotions.

“You’re my second baby. I love it when I brought you home. We have plenty of room for both of you.”

“I love you. You have a home, forever.”

Emanate it out from my heart, through my skin, into the environment. I always think of it in terms of a color where I sigh or gasp. Like the red gold of the sunset. The birds watch the sunset. The deer and a herd of cows watch the sunset. Everything is calm. Utilize something that is calming our own personal environment, to calm your animals, to escalate us into kindness. Emanate that frequency out.

Emanate, “Peace be still.”

Attitude adjustment. How do we send love to each animal in our environment.

Your problems:

Helen: We have two cats. One is inside and one is outside. We can’t get the other one to go outside.

Sam: Sometimes they make a decision that outside is not safe.

Helen: They both go outside, but not as much in winter. One uses 100% outside. The other one comes inside to use the litter box.

Sam: You trained her to do that. Be the cat go outside digging outside. It may too hard outside and it’s easier to come inside and use soft cat sand for them. But in order to figure it out…. “What does it feel like to be you?” Then go blank.

Helen: Rue loves using the kitty litter.

Sam: She doesn’t like the texture of the outside ground, the earth. It’s totally foreign. Going blank means being neutral. How I receive information, “What does it feel like to be you?” Close my eyes. People do this thousands of times a day and when they are listening to someone, they shift to a neutral place in their head. Shift to that place where there is no feeling or no mental stuff going on. Then, ask the question, “Why do you not go outside? What does it feel like to be you?”

(sensing your cat) Can’t get all the dirt off my paws. I feel someone staring at me and I am going to get jumped. I like laying in the sun, but I don’t want to pee out here.

Once, you get an answer from your cat—- then you address the issue with Bach flowers or a visual. Emanate courage and say, “You are so smart. You know where everything is in this environment, externally. I love it when you know where the boundaries are. You are always on that deck and then you come in the house.”

If they are spraying in a certain area, they feel safe in that area. What is it about that area that makes them feel safe? Recreate those conditions where you want them to pee.

Helen: She feels not safe everywhere. She’s jumpy. I put her on my chest at night to sleep, since last Friday.

Sam: You have to do that for a long time. Her nervous system—- when an animal jumps—- their communication system goes past their body——the unseen thing has happened. Their nervous system has been compromised.

Laser your cat with love beams from your fingers
Think of how much you love the animal. Think of laser beams going out your fingers. (demo on video at 40 minutes). Cup your fingers and make an energy cup and then comb down her spine with your fingers and then laser it out of the head and wipe the body down. Cat on your lap. Unload cat of its fears.

We have to be pushed in our ability—- to connect ahead of time.

find out what cat believes will happen to them
adjust that energy

Kitty Boxes

How do we comfortably let all animals and kids know they are cherished in your house? When I was young, I had a house full of kids and animals. How can I meet their needs when I can’t even meet my own?

(video 44 minutes) How to use intensity of love
I am bawling and praying to God. All of a sudden I hear, pick one physical quality in every single being in your environment and think on it. Pick one emotional aspect that you really love and think upon it. I started realizing that the intensity of love that I had for my firstborn (she’s talking about an animal, not a human) was huge. Oh, it’s the intensity! Cats feel the intensity of love that you have for one of them and not the other! It’s an intensity thing.
I wanted to pick 2 physical things. Spirit would say, “No. Only pick one thing. One physical and one emotional thing. Don’t dilute it.” The way their eyes are, their fur, or an emotional aspect that melts your heart.

When cats feel the emotional.
My lesson: I could not meet the physical needs of a house full of animals and kids and relatives.
But THIS exercise will do it. You don’t have to spend all day. You can do it for 3 minutes. Start that with your cats, especially if you have more than 1 cat in the house.

If cat is peeing on your bed, that is rage.

Every single thing we have in our environment is about our personal growth.
Peeing is accelerated growth!

What is the one physical quality about your animal that you truly love?
really honest
pick one that has the most emotional reality to it?
What is the one emotional quality about your animal that you truly love?
What do they do that just melts you?
Think about it
Tell them
Feel it
“I love how you just see Chester and walk right by him.”
Bach Flowers:
fearful, especially sound sensitive— most cats will dig and then squat and pee. If they jump on box and pee or poop without digging or covering up—- they don’t feel safe.
Energetically, when you change box or clean it, put energy of safety in the box. You may have to put plants, trees, or create a safe zone.
“Do I feel really really safe in this box?”
If the cat is digging up a storm and throwing sand everywhere—- he likes his box!
If they are spraying the point where it is huge, it is usually territorial or “I don’t want to lose my home.” If I spray here and here, I will know that it is home.
Pretend kitty is a little baby, the size of the palm of your hand. When you lay in bed, cat next to you, hand on your cat, you are transferring the feeling of safety and loving the box and going outside—- visualize it all PAST TENSE—— and pretending it is all happening—- and the cat picks up your thoughts.
Visualize: How much you see them walking by one another and then go to sleep right when you feel content. Do this for 5 minutes each night before you go to sleep.

Bach Flowers:
rock rose -terror
Make a room spray with that. Mist your environment for you and your cat. This works better than putting it in water or milk.

Aggression Formula:
Holly – aggression
star of bethlehem – trauma

How to change cat’s behavior:
“I need you to spray outside,” verbal and visual matched up.
More powerful technique: be your animal and pretend you are the animal doing the behavior.
Night work.

What to do:
Sensory Emotion
Pretend you are the animal and do the behavior
Night work – before you sleep, imagine the scene and feel it


Wray: I love it when you spray the four corners outside of house. Violet.
Sam: Give her space! What phrase could you see, sense, and feel, effortlessly.
Wray: Plenty of space! Cuz Buddha’s pheromones wig her out. Loving her spraying corners outside of house. She needs to be dominate— -outside!
Sam: Make that her job. “Your job is to go spray out there!” Put her on my chest at night if she’s dominate.

(video: 1 hour 14 min)
Mind-to-mind, heart-to-heart, perception-to-perception—- have them meet on the inner plane. One cat to another cat. So they can feel that they are a unit. More of a cohesive one, where they realize that we are a whole family here.

Sam: Making the connection that we DON’T make.

What is it I really want to live in my relationship? Do this before I go to sleep.

Relationship Goals; Your conscious and subconscious working as a unit as a personality.


Helen: This one cat comes up 4:30 am. She’s worse. She comes back at 6 am. Since I started this, she’s doubling down. Her job is to protect border of house. So now, “Have fun protecting the border.”

Sam: Let’s talk about the early morning. The minute we start something BRAND NEW, that back thought is powerful—- because we’ve lived with the other for so long. “I hope this works?” Thought is instant! The more you relax about what you are thinking, the faster you get it. The other (back) thought will come in to challenge us.

How to utilize thought in MORE RELAXED WAYS. Pretending is a relaxed way to utilize thought.

Your back thought will recede, but it will be present until you see your cat changing its behavior? We are challenged with that for quite a while.


Terry: Angel is 18 years old. She doesn’t cover her pee in the box. She has been pooping outside the box for years. We had to move the box from the laundry room cuz she no feels safe. We have puppy pads cuz her arthritis.

I’m wondering… I’m using Johnny Cat. The scoop able one is not good for lungs. It seems to be getting harder, more gravel.

Sam: You have two boxes with two different kinds of sand, to test which one she likes better.

Give her a vision, go up all the way to the edge (nose), use her paws as tactile to get around, turn around, pee. (Cat is blind). Feel the texture of the carpet, the hallway walls, the tile in the bathroom. Shift me in order to be the “seeing eye” for my cat.

Be the “seeing eye” for your blind cat.

Sam: your cat’s vision is fine, but her arthritis, you can use this same exercise.

Terry: We was give her best compliments. She meows when she uses the puppy pad. She’s showing me. She was constipated. She says, “Look mom, I pooped and it’s good.”

The pee pad, do you put it in the box?

Sam: My son does and found a box with low sides and uses one pee pad in the box. No cat sand or anything. Not even use a towel. Lasts for a day or two.

Say it
See it
Emanate it

Breathing or taking into their lungs—- is dog aggression coming from that? Lavender, Onguard into a room spray. Is it just emotions or just something physical? similar to having rabid and bring up age and biting. Dogs, when their owners have moved their hands like this—- people got bit.

(video: 1 hr 34 min)
Natural antiseptic.
Do not spray it at your animal! Lightly mist it above.

Question for everyone to ask:
Do you have dogs who have become aggressive all of a sudden, when it wasn’t aggressive before? Ask this on the internet. Or are your cats biting? Are your pets suddenly more aggressive lately?

Helen: My husband wants to get a dog. Is now a bad time?

Sam: Yes, because of your cats right now. You have to give them the vision that you are going to get a dog. And you have to do inner work to attract a dog that likes cats and the dog will be a compliment to your family. Test walk the dog. And then take the dog back.

Helen: I do prep work in my own home. But if all dogs are getting more aggressive, from a metaphysical aspect, is it a bad time to get a dog for everyone?

Sam: Your personality is a telephone call. Connect to the soul of the animal before you adopt him/her/them (or whichever is the preferred gender pronoun of the animal).

Best for now to wait until you have told your cats of this new doggie coming into your home. Too much stuff and stress going on right now on this planet.

What I’m using personally: 5 drops each for a room spray:
Homeo Pet – Anxiety