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Aggressive Dogs, Biting, Barking


This class is a really important class, seriously. I decided to do this class because in all the 40 years I’ve been working, I’ve had the most clients call recently—- with cats attacking another cat—- and dogs are more likely to go after their owner.

I’ve had so many owners call me and say that their dogs have bit them for the first time. In all my years, I’ve had 3 aggressive animals. In the past year, ½ to ⅓ of my clients are aggressive. I notice also on TV that animals are acting aggressive.

I’m not sure if it is Coronavirus or other environmental aspects involved in it. Our anger, frustration and fear are adding to their stress. Why?

We develop the mind and the emotions in a radically different way. How do we evolve our sensory and emotional aspect to match our technology?

The animals have evolved sensory systems. They can feel the vibrations.

Recent events in our world—- such as virus, finances, health—- and stress globally has gone wild. The animals feel the vibes in the house, backyard, park, car and on their walk. They are inundated with energies that are effecting their nervous systems. We have to work the nervous system in ourselves and also in our animals.

How do we work with our own emotions?

How do we help animals feel safe?

Aggressive behavior is a way to protect themselves.

Animals make decisions based on their life experiences.

Minor things like being shy, fearful, aggressive —included.

Their range matches the level of protection they are trying to reach.

My job is how the animal activated to trigger their aggressive behavior?


Cody is a lab who are usually relaxed. Cody suddenly lunges on walks at people. They had to put a muzzle on him. Off leash, no problem. Sweet, lovable. You put the leash on him, the ball game changes.

The trauma has to do with his walk and leash because it doesn’t show up at any other time.

I take his decision away to find out what happens.

His way of dealing with staying safe is KEEP PEOPLE AWAY FROM MY LEASH. So he lunges, growls, shows teeth to show people he knows it’s business!

In my mind, I see him not lunging, growling— -that MAKES HIM NERVOUS. Then, he shows me a scene from his past. He is a puppy on a walk having a great time. His owner goes into a shop. He is tied to a post outside. He is stolen by someone who unties his leash and takes him away. His trauma is so intense that he keeps people away from his leash now.

I gave him visions that he is a big dog now and his owner will never tie him to a post. If you keep your muzzle on, no one will attack you. He loves his muzzle. He is happy with his walks.

This is a normal trauma that can be changed.

What if the planet is going ape-wild?

I can get to the causal factor of his behavior, but if the planet is going ape-crap, we have to do more work.

How do we help our animals?

I’m doing something I’ve never done anything before in this class. I talked about using the color, visual and vibration of the sunset into me and then emanating that out to animals. It affected the animals in my office who were stressed out. It calmed them. Peaceful. I worked with the sunset vibration and the nervous system.

When an animal is aggressive, it does not feel safe.

Safety is the primary cause of aggression.

It is still fear under shyness, etc. as well.

Fear is huge with aggressive animal.

How do we help an animal feel safe and not fearful? We are so WORD-ORIENTED that we say, “You will be ok. You are alright,” as if that will change the animal’s behavior. The words are not enough.

We have to feel safe within ourselves.

Sunset feeling. We have to feel safe enough to go to sleep and not worry about a thing.

What does safety feel like? Communicate that with your animal. So that the leash that you are holding is tied to them (animal).

Feel safety in your NERVOUS SYSTEM? How many nerves do we have in our spine?

In an animal, their nerves go into their brain, etc.—- THROUGH THEIR SKIN—- OUT—- TO THEIR ENTIRE FIELD AROUND THEM. About 3 feet all around them.

They feel you even more they open their eyes. They have a fine-tuned nervous system, picking up all the garbage on the planet. Adding to their own fear of feeling safe.

Your work: Out of the head, out of the body. Body is dictating to your brain.

In school, we develop our minds, but not our sensory system.

What do to?

You can protect yourself.

If you have to get a muzzle, get one. If you have to move their body off your bed, do it. But don’t do it in fear. Just tell them, “In time, we will get this fixed. We will both be very happy.”

I tell dogs, “Until this gets fixed you must drop your head to get petted.” If you see your dog dropping your head and walking to you—- they are saying, “I don’t want to hurt you. I just need to be touched.”

We have the privilege to re-evaluate our words.

In the past, it is easy for us to get angry when we see bad behavior. Instead of getting angry, see the pain. Underneath the aggressive behavior, is enormous pain. Even more pain than the animal shy hiding under the bed.

Do not come back with aggressive behavior. I am going to punish you, push you away, not talk to you—- until you calm down, I will love you again. This form of discipline does not work.

Don’t take the growl away from the dog, because then they have to resort to biting.

Aggressive Cat

That cat is ready to go for my head. It’s viciously mad. Fluffy white cat is a rage-full lion now.

Remove my OWN fear of being hurt. As soon as I removed the stress of the fear—- the cat deflated and relaxed.

If I had tensed up, the cat would have attacked me.

I felt fear go through my body like a wave. Prickly—- went through me as if someone splashed water on me, but I didn’t feel the water, I just felt the wave go through me.

Our thoughts and emotions emanate out from us—- and goes into other people’s BODIES.

What is a visual phrase?

Animals are in the moment.

Must constantly give them:

  • visual
  • phrase

What is a visual phrase?

I love it when you lay and watch me.

People come and go and I get to keep you forever and forever.

(feel the nonstop energy of forever and ever)

People will come and have dinner. People will leave. You will get to stay with me forever and ever.

(Say that every day to animal)

They are in the moment. You must do it everyday.

On a walk, stand firm and watch people walk by. For the aggressive dog, With your muzzle, no one gets near.”

Pick a phrase that is short, simple, visual. Praise the animal with it.

Prozac: Mind altering drug to keep animal from feeling fear—- I won’t work with them. You cannot take an animal off of a drug like that right away. You have to remove drug slowly.


Close your eyes.

Get comfy.

Feet flat on floor.

This is a way to get you to connect to the soul and the deepest aspect of love you have for your animal.

Deep breath in.

Blow it out.

3 times.

If you have stress in your heart or gut, take it in the lungs and pretending that you are drawing it to that organ that is crying for attention—- then blow it out.

As you believe it, so it is.

Breathe in. Go to organ that is stressed. Blow it out.

Think about your little dog.

How to tune into soul of the animal. Visualize when they are cocking their head. Especially when dog is aggressive. Go back to the time when the animal was smaller and vulnerable and adorable and looked at you and blinked its eyes.

You feel that expanded love. You have just tuned into the soul of who it is.

Think: What an intelligent little being that is spending time with you.

Even if your animal is in another location, they are knowing that you are thinking about this being.

Now we are going to do something magically different.

Pretend that you are that being.

“What does it feel like to be you?”

Think of sunset. Peace from radiant sun. Draw it into your heart so deeply as though you were going to draw it into you so deep that it would reach to the heart of your animal.

Let that radiance emanate from your heart into your animal’s heart, skin, fur, organs, nerve. Into the skin. Expand it to arm’s length around you.

Now we are going to add one more thing.

This energy is peace and calm.

We are going to add frequency of safety. When you have been in bed, pull covers up, take a deep breath and go. “Ahhh.” Your body feels safety. You are emanating safety in your body and your animal’s body. All the way around, out your paws…. you feel the sensation of safety and peace be still.

Asking that the whole nervous system be lifted up and what was on the nervous system, making it feel raw/vulnerable/scared—- that those particular nerves have more of this energy going to it.

Fill the room with this frequency, as if you are in a huge bubble. Not only you and dog and cat and bird, but also everything in the bubble.

Making it as bright as you possibly can.

Magnifying quality of safety.

Now slowly, open your eyes.

Do this 5 minutes a day. Expand it. Help to UNLOAD your animal companion of stress.

We have ability to REASON our fear, belief system. Animal does not. Cannot reason it.


Lola’s aggression is wanting to be included. She talks.

Sam: Needy to be acknowledged and be part of, has to be healed on the inside.

Do it from the perspective of the mother dog. The connection. The whole group of puppies. She might have been taken away from mother too soon. The mother dog always knows the time to release the dog.

Linda: she was taken very early

Sam: Fill up the inside of the body. Feel that connection. We are trying to do everything external. How do you help a being from the INSIDE of its body? INSIDE of its emotions?

When there is more of you connected to her—- connection to friends, and all of it—- she will change.

Linda: We are teaching her to use buttons. She loves the “I love you,” button.

Sam: “Go for a walk” is a visual communication to your animal. “I love you” is an emotional communication to your animal.

Find a photo or recall a memory that MELTS your heart.

The minute you feel that love, the soul-to-soul connection happens.

Give her a vision of what you want her to do. Lay by you and watch you guys talk. “Listen” for a dog is spherical. 360 degrees. They will join you because you are the alpha dog. They are not used to people going quiet and spherically listen.


Gemma and Eli – doggies.

From the day I found her, she has slept under covers with me. I did the healing meditation you taught in the last class 3-4 times. She stopped sleeping with me.

She is very fearful and does not understand the way that other dogs do. She’s not right in the head. When anybody comes into my house, the fur on her head stands up. She is walking back and froth and barking.

Sam: She’s nervous.

Don’t have her in the room. Put her in the bedroom and tell her no one is going to come in here.

many puppies are not told that they are going to their forever home. They just come in and take the dog.

The puppy experiences an isolation that is a huge imprint. It no longer has it’s mother and it’s siblings. We put them in something furry or in a crate.

If there is something off with there mind, it might have been a need to stay with mother longer.

Jane: When I found her, I picked up in the street, skin and bones, 1 year old. She lived through something else.

Sam: They make the decision on how to be safe. Her decision to be safe is to not let people in the house, pay attention to me—- I’m here! I’m here! She is consistently turning to the people, she doesn’t know what’s happening.

Put her in bedroom and say, “You are my dog forever. No one is going to come in here.” Get into that feeling of forever. That is an emotional connection. FEEL IT and let your body emanate it.

Did you like her in the covers with you?

Jane: Yes. Sweet.

Sam: your energy in doing that meditation, might have been too powerful. Start seeing how much you love her under the covers with you. Recall when she did.

The behavior is a clue to you. In order to help her, say, “No one is going to come into this room.” Let her out after. Give her a vision, ‘They will be leaving in a few minutes and I will come and open the door for you.”


Cats have been smacking each other more.

Sam: That is a boundary. Not totally used to—- new relationship coming forward.

Animals are acting different. Energy on planet is bad now. I have to work with my whole house and the vibration.

Helen: is it a big deal?

Sam: yes, for harry and for you and for them. If you are petting them, and they were grabbed in back to put in kitty carrier. Not fully engaged. So they only want to be pet on top of head, not where they were grabbed behind the ears.

What am I doing that is activating that animal?

Recognize that is an issue and that is an aspect of being safe. They might just go as a warning to nip you.

You pet only top part and see animal walking away.

You have relatively new kitties. It is scary for them and until you find out what the traumatic belief systems are, you have to be cognizant and let them know—— you can’t say, “No one will come and grab you here.” The vision on that is crystal clear— that someone will grab you. You have to be really careful how you say something to an animal that shows aggression.

Instead, say a phrase, “I will pet you and you can walk away.”

Bach Flowers

Holly – hate

Impatience – impatient attitudes

beech – completely intolerance for anything

vine – bossy

star of Bethlehem – trauma

Put those 5 drops into eye dropper bottle. DoTerra has a spray bottle. 10 drops of Homeopet- anxiety. DoTerra has lavender. Put lavender in spray bottle.

I also use OnGuard from Doterra.

Spray high above them—- not at the animal.

Animals cannot tell you that the drug is making them feel very weird. I think it is wrong to use those drugs on animals.


Mom’s puppy. 3 days after we got it, took it in for a physical. We try to do a visual that we will leave and come back.

Scale, stick something up rectum. He was traumatized. Tomorrow, going in for a full physical and shots.

Sam: Ask them if you can have rabies shot broke up. Too many shots in one. Many have neurological problems—- 5 years later. Almost count on it. Pretty bad. I don’t mind coming back, but not have all the shots at once.

See you guys taking the dog home. “You are such a brave little dude. I will hold you and you will go out and we will go home.” Be the dog and he will pick it up quicker.


When losing animals, I don’t want techniques to just dissipate. So I’m doing these classes to pass on my knowledge before I leave the planet.