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With respect to God’s other children, When animals speak, Samantha Khury listens

by Bondo Wyszpolski Many of us speak to our pets, and probably all of us have spoken to an animal at one time or another, half-expecting it to understand what we’ve said. However, it’s that half-expectation that implies our conversation is really just one-sided. We don’t truly believe the animal understands and can reply in kind. Manhattan Beach resident Samantha Khury would have us think otherwise. As an an animal therapist and communicator, she contends she can tap into the minds and the emotions of other species. Her one-hour documentary, "I Talk to Animals: A Portrait of Samantha Khury," has aired on PBS and BBC, and can be viewed YouTube. She’s also appeared on television shows hosted by Diane Sawyer, Regis Philbin, and Phil Donahue and she’s lectured throughout the country and in Europe. People reach out to her because of their concern for an animal in their care, often a cat or dog, but also birds and horses and other creatures big and small.