A Holistic Approach To Animal Well-Being

A Holistic Approach To Animal Well-Being

For the animal that is Aging, Sick, or Fearful

Morning Class

How non-verbal communication and the flow of energy through the physical body can reduce stress as well as balance the nervous system. How simple, clear visual information can remove the fear of your dog, cat, or horse when sick. How to access the body condition to help an aging animal. How love is an energy that can transform an ailing animal with kindness, as well as physical or mental touch. What to do when you’re faced with a beloved animal who is dying.

Afternoon Class

“Bach Flower Remedies,” The Emotional Support

What are Bach Flower Remedies, and how they work, with the emotions. Which remedies to use to emotionally reduces the stress of a sick dog, fearful cat, aging horse or dying pet that best support that animals well being. You will also learn remedy preparation. And some classes we will also cover the Essential Oils.

6 Hour Course

(1hour Lunch)